Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd be enjoying blogging so much. I started when I was out of a job in November 2008 and my husband was explaining to me why people blog. He suggested that I should try it and I responded, "What on earth am I gonna write about??"

"Anything you wanna say baby, your experiences, how you feel, your thoughts..."

I don't have a 'big' life. Travelling can't be a hobby because I don't travel much. Food is seldom the main subject as I'm not that adventurous scouting around for new/popular eateries. Writing from my experiences has kept me going ever since I started. I'll try to share everything from labor pains, family gatherings, relationships, breast feeding, recipes, my fun job to, my ugly slippers :)

My grammar needs a lot of improvements and practise. Apart from improving my blog writing skills, the main purpose of this blog is for me to share, to see others' point of views (on particular post), to make readers smile, to make us all realise the important things in life and, to laugh.

I was told by my daughter that their friends read my blog too, so, I try to be clean though at some points in their lives they too need a little bit of guidance on how to tackle issues relating to the opposite sex or other general things. I have not seen everything in life but I strive to learn and to know more. 

Borneo Love is for the most open minded and positive individuals. I fear criticism, I don't like negative comments, but I do take them as opportunities to better myself. So that I don't forget where I come from and hopefully, to always keep my feet firmly on the ground, to set a good example for the younger ones. 

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