Borneo Love

I love my name Ida and I was born in Kuching almost 38 years ago. Been together with my husband for 22 years this year and we're blessed with four beautiful children. Ayu (19), Seri (17), Hani (13) and Arman (7), they are my strength and source of inspirations. 

Organizing events is what I do for a living and I think I was born to do it! When time permits, I take on offers to do part-time emceeing for wedding, gatherings, etc. Juggling work, family & friends can be quite a struggle at times, but not all the time. I'm fortunate enough to have a bit of extra time to put my thoughts into writing which I really enjoy doing, I was in fact pleasantly surprised with myself.

Raising a family is a big responsibility. Ultimately, to see my children grow up healthy & happy, do very well in school and become useful citizens to the country. 

May 2011

I love music & shopping is not my favorite thing but, I do like it. I live in jeans (and gray t-shirts- a label was created on BL especially for this super comfy T!) during the weekends and prefers classic styles & smart jackets for work. I am more comfortable to dress according to my own mood than the current fashion trends. 

This blog is about the journey of my humble life. My husband told me he'd like to see it published in a book one day, InsyaAllah. I hope Borneo Love gives you the answer, and the question that finally takes you to the answer that you've been looking for. 

Cheers! :D

*January 2011*

Both these photos with my 4 kids were taken in September 2010

Hani, Ayu & Seri


Chii said...

Oohh..I'm surprised to see your age. You don't look 38! Congrats2..


Mermer said...

Wow, you and your girls don't look like mother and daughters. You guys look like friends or sisters :)

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