Monday, August 22, 2016

Engaged Darlings

O_O You know you're getting old, when your daughter says she's attending her girlfriends' engagement ceremonies.

Daughter Seri with two of her BFFs, Misya & Nadiah

Misya's engagement

Adz's engagement

And these photos below I've blogged bout them before this, just had to post them again.
They were taken when Seri and her mates were in their secondary years somewhere around 2010/2011.

Seriously I have been feeling a bit lost lately. I miss spending time with my ... myself!!

But with all the blessings I cannot complain. I really shouldn't. And I am not complaining. 

Thank you ya Allah, I feel my hard work has paid off. 

What I'm most proud is how my children has grown becoming such great individuals. 

So happy seeing photos of my kids with their friends, gathered together for special and memorable occasions. Looking at what the world has become today, it isn't easy finding friends who would stay with you from the begining of your school days till now. Inshaa Allah may their friendships last a lifetime.. Aamiin..


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