Sunday, February 14, 2016


Settled my outfits dilemma.. thanks to my thoughtful friends.

Now, 4 more sleeps, till the big day with NONA TV3. 

This time, I will opt for extra long lashes for the much needed prettier-eyes-effect. Thanks to darling daughter MUA Seri.. 

".. Maa, these are the best I have. You SHOULD feel comfortable in them."

Thanks sista for the lovely tudong, can't wait to style it for Nona!

with Haniza of Hjab CheChe and Dayang G of Dayang G Boutique

Was just supposed to pick up my handmade tudong from Haniza of Hijab CheChe but ended up spending time chit chatting and enjoyed finger food with The Hills Shopping Complex boutique owners... They were having a little event, soft launch for their boutiques ala potluck style, hehhehee... I wasn't supposed to eat too much, don't want to look bloaty and puffy for TV now do we, NO NO. But couldn't resist home cooked chicken wings!! :D Had only one wing OKAY. 

Hahhahaa and was I glad I came in heels and EYE LASHES! They were all so dressed up luckily for me I was camera ready! ;)

tudong - checked!
necklaces for display - checked!
jacket and pants - checked!
model - checked!

me - checkmate on nerve -__-    ( ..whatever that means )

wish me luck yaa :*

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