Thursday, January 7, 2016

My DPs and I

DP white top with cotton lace sleeve

If you look closely the white top I'm wearing was already ruined the first time I wore it to a wedding few weeks ago. Only realized it when I looked at this photo hubby took. I was getting ready and my twin sister walked in... She needed a necklace to go with her outfit, so I grabbed one from my sample box, swung it around and place the necklace on my sister's chest... probably I was doing it too fast coz hubby was already in the car >_< . The moment I swung it I remembered a bead caught a small part of my top, and I didn't know I was walking into the wedding hall like that with my top looking like I've been milking cows over barbed wires -__-

I sayang this top.. but I fixed it. Bought it  to match my peach white English cotton skirt :)

Since Dorothy Perkins opened it's door to shoppers in Kuching, I've been hooked. 

wearing DP top and pants, vincci shoes for 
Bella ntv7 hanicomb interview in August 2015

For my interview with Bella ntv7 last August, I opted for DP top and these super comfortable DP grey pants. It was a lil bit crazy towards the interview... Was only informed at 8am that team Bella has organized a slot to meet up with hanicomb, at 8pm.

Had only 12 hours to gather as much necklaces as possible, and to figure out what to wear! Major stress, MAJOR. To top it all, my free time only starts after 5, because it was a work day, die standing. I even thought about calling them to just forget about the whole thing because I was experiencing so much drama in my mind hahahhahaaa! When to make up, WHAT TO WEAR?! Didn't have time at all to buy anything new (thank God the pants were never worn hehehheee, so still new laa).

But I have awesome people I could always rely on. 

Made one single call and some 10 necklaces literally landed on my door step within few hours receiving the news I was having a video shooting in 8 hours. Daughter Seri agreed to do my face. And finally I decided on this simple ensemble in nude shades from head to toe ;)

Watch this interview here on Hanicomb Handmade Facebook page 

I've been visiting the boutique Dorothy Perkins quite a lot the past year. And managed to snag few cute tops during my random pop ins.

Dorothy Perkins tops and Levis / Zara jeans

You noticed it didn't yaa?

Yesssss, they are all the same design, well almost. But I really think they are of the same model, the one in blush is my favourite colour at the moment :)

Well hokay, that's it for tonight. Gotta hit the sack peeps. Will share more stuffs soon :D

Love and hugs

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