Sunday, January 17, 2016

Intan's Warna Busana

showing off my new pants :)

I admire women who are courageous enough to open up their own boutiques, so, I am not yet enough not even there yet lahh courageous, to have my own little shop. Still dreaming.. one day In Shaa Allah. 

This ex-model mother of two (wowww yess wow she still has that model bod YO!), Intan, owner of Warna Busana Boutique located at The Hills shopping mall Kuching, has just opened the door of her tastefully decorated elegant boutique few weeks ago. Most of her stuffs are from Jakarta. 

L O V E them love them to bits seriously!!

I have been doing a lot of shopping online last year, but for these kind of pants, I wasn't too sure to purchase any from online boutiques. I am kinda a free size medium built Asian size but, I think I've grown to almost an L size. So I had a whole huge HUGE bowl of chicken salad (way less chix and more greens mind you) yesterday afternoon and thought about skipping dinner but ended up HAVING mee kolok and some rice with ikan penyet O_O 

at 9 pm!!

There goes my diet -__-

Erp ermmm where was I... oh ya, L size. 

Anyways, so, I dropped by Intan's boutique last week and tadaaaa found the pants I've been yearning for! Free size and fits me nicely :D

And this is why I decided to blog about Intan's Warna Busana boutique. 

If you wanna see more, why not head on to The Hills, you wouldn't miss her boutique, it's too pretty ;) . If you see DIY shop, you just have to walk pass it and walk a bit way in. 

Hokay... that's my little break from beading. Will blog more soon, HUGS!


qsheba said...

Love the pants! Can I order it online?

Ida BorneoLove said...

hi dear qsheba,

for now they don't sell online dear, you have to go to the boutique :)

Anonymous said...

Kacak seluar ya! ��

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