Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First, and hopefully more for 2016

Interview with Bella ntv7 team, August 2015

Only thing I can say is, it's not easy managing a small business that requires you to do every single thing by yourself. 

Proven, you notice my last post. Homaiiiii... ! Was ages ago hheehehheheee  :))

But I'm back!

But first, Happy New Year hommies! It's my first day of work for 2016 and I'm proud to share with you readers (hope there're still some left out there) that I have been making some small changes, for myself mostly. And one most proudest thing I have done is, being 'A' more extra tidy person, and avoid cluttering my handbags -_-

Well at least I feel I'm making progress.. this (tidying up & decluttering) being a very important achievement for me these days because I have only been spending a lot, I mean A WHOLE LOT of my extra time just beading & managing my darling hanicomb.

And with that, for my 2015 year end final posts, I posted a collage of photos saying my thanks to a few Malaysian based TV stations for supporting hanicomb. Thank you thank you thank you! Also, to these wonderful lovelies and awesome supporters , hanicomb wouldn't be where it is now if it weren't for you darlings, no words could ever describe my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation...


I'll see you soon in shaa Allah ;)

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