Thursday, May 7, 2015

From Pop-Up To Wedding

some of the deco items for our pop-up booth tomorrow night

It's not often my team (my children!) and I do pop-up booth for hanicomb, we did a couple some time ago but it was done in a very very modest set-up :) Received an invite about a month ago to open up a booth at a dinner function that's going to happen tomorrow night at the Kuching Hilton, they call it 'A Night Of The Fahionistas' ;) 

Totally psyched! Can't wait to do the setting up and how it will turn out. A few friends suggested I hire a decoration team but I prefer a DIY, good or bad, I don't have anyone else to blame but myself... Anyways, all the items won't be of recycled ones, most of the stuff I'm gonna use are brand new and , dust-free! :P

So, I've given it a thought, any of my children who's gonna get married, I will be the one who's gonna do the pelamin (wedding dais). Yes I will in shaa Allah. Paying thousands, I might as well use that money to buy all the what not, curtain materials, plastic flowers, throw pillows.. and oh ya!! The love seat, after the wedding, they can take the love seat to their new home. Brilliant idea!! heheheeeee.. That's just what I've been thinking laa, we'll see. 

But I'm the one person, who doesn't really believe in paying thousands to decorate engagement/wedding dais, then only not able to keep NOT one single one of the decorative items O_O Thousands bye bye *gulp*

That's just my opinion... Or I might just hire, given the stress of organizing a wedding could actually kill ya! =) Hhahahaaaa Never say Never they say.

Haiiisshhhhh! Hahahahaaa from pop-up booth to wedding dais?? Hahahaaaa.. long way to go lah. But it's good to plan you nohhh!? 

I don't usually wear skin color shoes, but when I put on my daughter's pair, I've completely fell in love with them...

So, I went hunting for my own pair and found these at Vincci :) Just what I need for tomorrow's Fashionistas Night.

Am just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now coz haven't finished sewing the necklace I'm supposed to wear for tomorrow night.. ohh man -__-'  But I managed to add some beadings on my plain top, not too much though, since I will have a necklace on me, I don't want to look like a walking Christmas tree now do I?? :]

beading on my sleeve top

Hokay, it's getting late.. If you wanna meet 'elsa', 'cheche', 'judee', 'kathleen', 'hajar' in person, come by our pop-up booth at the Kuching Hilton tomorrow, Saturday 9 May 2015, from 5pm onwards. 

Have a beadalicious weekend peeps!! :*

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