Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Long Overdue Trip

There's just not much choice for this kind of cool looking jeans here in Kuching ;) Been looking for a pair for quite a while, saw a pair at a local mall but there weren't enough holes in them! :P


Me : Hani, you know what Papa asked me when he fetched me from the airport?

Hani: What Maa?

Me: He said.. 'why you buy ripped jeans?'

Hani: What's your response??

Me: Told him it's F A S H I O N , and that's why I bought them when not with you. You wouldn't approve me buying the jeans I said to him girl..

Hani: Hahh! Ignore him Ma. He wouldn't understand, he's a boy.


:D That's my girl!

But seriously, these pair are just sooo yummy to wear. Perrrrrfect fit and suuuper comfortable! These jeans are by Zara.

And they are 'Hijabis Friendly' too. Won't show skin one!! 


Twin sis Ina and two of her colleagues were flown to KL for a 2 day course in the heart of the city earlier this week. Once they were told the trip was confirmed, only then our younger sis Siti and I decided to tag along. Ina had a room all to herself so it was just the 3 of us sisters laughing like mad women in the middle of the nights :))

Siti and I arrived Saturday and Ina only arrived Sunday with her colleagues. Before checking in with Ina on Sunday, me & Siti stayed a night at my in-laws' home at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. It's been ages since I last step foot in our Taman Tun home, miss it so so much!! Daughter Ayu basically grew up in that house, and Seri was born there.. I mean, I had my confinement in that house after Seri was born :)  

Took one shot outside my in-laws' home before joining twin sis Ina
in the city. Will come back soon :)

Our first night together gether, ever!
Our first trip outside Kuching, just us three. It was soooo much fun :D

RM20 banana split at the Pavilion :)

Afterwards, with sister Siti ....., banana split high :P

Hehehhee... we sat quite a while after the banana split. My back was already killing me after walking and shopping non-stop since the day before. But I'm so glad I decided to go on a trip just with my sisters. Definitely gonna do it again in shaa Allah :)

Before arriving in KL, I fixed few meetings with clients/stylist. Sister
Siti was employed as my temporary assistant, ehemm .. free of charge! =)

Breakfast at 7am with my twin sis Ina before she headed to
another hotel where their course was held

Hahhahaa you're still thinking about the jeans haa??!
Go get a pair for youself love! They're worth every single penny ;)

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Anonymous said...

hahaha..sama kes kita kak..ive bought one jeans yg mcm tok pun style n beli ms x shopping sorg2..xmok husbnd tauk..dh beli nya xpat pdh pa2..hihihi

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