Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hanicomb On TV9

Remember that weekend with Hijab Stailista team?


17 April, Friday 7:30pm, TV9. 

Watch hanicomb's first ever TV interview with few other Sarawakian business owners in few more days. I'm excited beyond words! Hehehee how laaa my tudung and whole outfits and makeup looks on TV ??

Ohhh myyyy I'm nervous -__-'

Wished Bapak is still around to watch it.

*Al Fatihah*

Hmm... gotta make a list. For sure gonna get loads of >>> 'Why didn't remind me bout ittt??' later on if I didn't message reminders to the most important people (that's quite a list of people!) o_o

And as usual, which I am so thankful for, I'm always busy with hanicomb's coming projects. Next up is a dinner/fashion show organized by my darling friends who are also hanicomb loyal customers. I'm invited as one of the event's sponsors and the guest of honour will be Putra Aziz who owns the House of Cosry. 

Sooo much to do.. Preparations for my exhibition booth, what to wear, necklaces for the night... Phewwwwww 

Just hang in there on Ida :)

It's gonna be a lot of fun with Cosry!

Then there's the other interview...
In Shaa Allah will update y'all ;) Take care love!

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