Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seri's Little Business

Seri, the family's makeup artist :)

It was supposed to be just doing makeup for one person.. her Papa and I were already outside the hotel entrance ready to pick her up last Saturday morning when she told us sister inlaw to the groom wanted makeup done on her too.

When this photo was taken, Seri had done doing makeup for 7 persons in 18 hours. I'm so proud of her but couldn't really talked with her about her makeup-service-marathon till she was done with the 9th person on Saturday evening. 

.... "Can't do no any more for now Ma. I've to concentrate with my finals for few weeks. Will take more clients in April."

Okay girl. Do what you have to do. Mama is always here for you whenever you need extra extra cash and online service if you need to purchase more professional makeup brushes or colour palettes 0_0

Hmmmm.., I never really looked what's in that jumbo makeup bag, haa well.., nothing I'd need anyways :D Hehehheheeee

All the best with your exams darling ! *heart*

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