Sunday, February 15, 2015

Of Shawls & Fishes


here I'm wearing chiffon shawl by online boutique 
@fanacouture on instagram

T'was a lovely day last yesterday.. Sunny all day long, dry but still cool and windy :) Left the house at 11am to settle quite a few errands; bought some ingredients to bake few cheese cakes, poslaju two parcels to West Malaysia, groceries, visited my inlaws ... then it was time for few huge cuppas of fatty drinks! Before we headed home, daughter Ayu, sister Siti and I stopped by at the Kuching Waterfront for some iced coffee, nyummsss!! =)

So, I have been looking for D perfect shawl and my picked were the ones by @fanacouture and @sookascarf, other than about a dozen shawls (or more I think..) by Zaitun Shawls and Naelofar that I really love! And ermm.., I'm only into shawls, for now. Not a real fan of the instant ones. Well.., I don't know, maybe I'll get my hands on one of two of the instant head scarves, we'll see.

Super in love with @fanacouture and @sookascarf colour collections and the materials they use. Light weight chiffon, cool but not too sheer. And I purchased them during their promotional periods which only cost me about RM100 for 3 pieces ladies (excluding postage).

here, I'm wearing chiffon shawl by online boutique 
@sookascarf on instagram

with my darling son, he just turned 11 years old last month.. my baby

Was so occupied during the day with work and running errands, hubby and I only decided to go out to 'celebrate' our day at 9:30pm last night. Actually only was planning to go for drinks, and I was in the mood for a jumbo glass of fruit juice. Sssluurrrppp

But when we got there, somehow, the nice ambiance romantic setting had set my stomach on fire!! Hahahahaa...! Instantly we both became hungry when we saw the menu. 'Sayang, we order and share laahh...' I suggested.

NO. we didn't share. We had a plate each :P

lovely plattings at Chef At Home

Hubs had some of my delicious salmon, I had some of his fish and chips. Yup it is a surprise I could finish everything, because this was our second dinner for the night 0_0


Happy Anniversary sayang, all my love.

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