Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Clean Your Precious Handbags

The older I get, the less time I have to do the necessary spring cleanings and sorting outs. So I've made a point recently, I must make time to do bits of clearing up around the house every single day. I'd skip some days though.., but, I'll make sure I must make up for the days I missed. 

As I was saying, I am getting older, I should try to have less things to clean. I should try to organize my life in a way that, wouldn't stress myself up on a day to day basis, you know what I mean?? But being a woman, I have made my life a bit extra complicated over the past couple of years. Now I don't have to mention the nightly beading bit... That is already like putting on a pair of bra every single day :P I have more things to upkeep now.

So, last weekend, I was clearing one of my closets and decided my precious leather handbags need some cleaning. Ohh mannn, I thought. Ohh man ohh mannn. So much to do -___-  Like so much to do at once!

Then, Ok it's ok. These are your precious babies, be patient be gentle... Treat it like a, like one of your therapy sessions I was telling myself.

And speaking of therapeutic, I don't know if I ever told you this, one of the things that I find relaxing is, ironing. Personally, I have always hated ironing, but being a mother and wife, I have to force myself into doing it each time. But funny enough, midway, or 5 minutes into ironing, I'd find myself daydreaming or starting 'making plans' and going through my daily to-do list in my head. Hmmm and yes, there were even times, I would resolve few problems while ironing :)

Back to my cleaning :D

A personal shopper had included a little packet that contains some leather cleaning material which I know I had put it away where I thought I'd find it easily if the time ever comes for me to use them.

Guess what. I have no idea where I kept it. 


What to do now. 


Sooooo thankful for youtube! 

So, straight away I grabbed my laptop and started googling. Well  ya, I needed as much info I can get coz I don't want to regret it later after I successfully ruining my precious handbags! NO NO NO. O_O





I tell you! I'm telling you I was sooooooo lucky I couldn't locate the cleaning material Man OHHH MaNNN I was so LUCKY!! Phewwwwww..! Uh-UH. You are not supposed to just simply use any kind of leather lotion, cream, wipes on your Louis Vuitton leather bags. 

click on these links >>>

I do not want to say too much here. Just go to the link and listen for yourself yaa.. And yup! I did stumble upon that particular youtube video where a lady demonstrated how she cleaned her Louis Vuitton purse using baby wipes O_O And I was ready to do the same!

It's getting late. Hope you find this little info useful :*

Till next post.. 

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