Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TIE Him Down

H did not believe what she was hearing. Needed more proof. She went on to the dating site, signed herself up and decided to dig things herself. Not wanting what she was suspecting to be true, she discovered with her own eyes what her husband was doing behind her back. Couldn't believe what she was seeing... Did not want to believe it. There is was, a photo that was familiar to her, it has been edited into black and white silhouette but she knew very well that was a photo of her own husband. Profile fit him perfectly; race, age and where he's from. It was him, the love of her life.

A lot went through her mind. She even thought someone else was using his photo to create a profile in the dating site. H decided to investigate further, part of her still doubting her husband was cheating on her. But her raging anger was building inside what felt like her gut was about to explode anytime. Luckily for H, her best friend was always by her side to calm her down telling her to be patient, and to be very sure of what she's about to accuse her husband of. She was dying to find out the real truth. 

Having tough time to focus, she tried very hard every single day keeping herself together, not wanting her husband to know what she's up. But she has no idea, what to look for, what to think of, what to do. H was going crazy, wondering, what else has he been doing. And those times when he said he was outstations supposedly on work trip, attending courses ?? O_O

One afternoon, she decided to go through his jacket, the jacket he wears everyday to work. Since his phone was kinda out of reach, was always with him, she might as well try 'looking' in his pockets. 

She wasn't prepared of what she was about to discover. It was every wife's worst nightmare. 

A resit.

A hotel resit.

Room no. 5 start hotel. 

Breakfast; in room dining. *BREAKFAST IN ROOM???!

   at this time she felt like her skull was about to blow up!

His name. Signed with his name.


Her hand was shaking uncontrollably right now. That date she knew he was out of town. For work he said.

'   what was he doing in town .. ??   '

'  no  ..    no..  this is not.. NO..!! '  

These words did not come out of her mouth. She had to hold herself together because her children was around. 

Then at that moment, she heard his car coming into the driveway. With heavy steps, knees what felt like they're coming off from her now cold legs, she walked quickly to the front door stopping her husband who was about to step inside the house. 'abang.. I want to speak to you, in the car please.. '  with trembling low voice what sounded like it was forced out of her throat.

* * *

I bumped into my friend H couple months ago. She read my post 'Men Are All The Same' and been meaning to give me a call but never got the chance. She too, wanted me to write about the dark moment in her life. H wanted to share with other wives out there, the things they thought would never happen in their marriage, might happen to anyone. 

All I could ask her was, how she was doing...

"I'm ok. Taking things one day at a time. I cried everyday, every night the past year. But he's trying his best to work things out, I know he is. But I'm still very heartbroken. Very very heartbroken... The good thing that came out of this is, I have him wrapped around my fingers now..!"

We both broke out into laughter, very evil laughter! Hahahhaaaa..

No, not that this is funny Ha Ha.

H would message me every now and then, sometimes in tears. She knows she must move forward but, she kept going back to the time when her husband lied straight to her face and slept with another woman. She'd become moody all of a sudden and everything around her would irritate her, especially the sight of her husband.

If I could say something to her husband, I'd tell him to try always to be patient with H. If he really wants things between them to work out, he must keep his cool at all times whenever she becomes agitated and angry. 

I have heard women talking about 'tying' a husband down. I didn't get it at first. After awhile, they mentioned black magic bomohs and stuffs... 

At the end of the conversation, one woman concluded that, in a marriage or relationships, if you want your man to yourself, you have to 'tie' him down. MAKE him have eyes only for you, that other women don't look attractive at all to him. He in other words, becoming a slave to his wife.


One of the ladies added ... if you don't do this, you will risk losing your man to another woman. Either you let him be free (from blackmagic / bomoh's spell) and be prepared to be cheated on, OR, you put him under your spell to make sure he will never fall for another woman. You choose. 

This practice is Syirik in the eyes of Islam. And I don't think you will find true happiness this way.

May God protect you and your family always my friend..

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