Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hana Make-up Artist From Kuching

Waaahh.... I only managed to re-read my last post..

Such a snippyy shorty post hahahaaa..! Been so occupied lately, when I'm doing one thing, my head is already thinking to do another. I checked my whatsapp messages just now, I found 2 messages I replied this afternoon, the were left.., 'hanging'


The poor darlings, must been waiting for the next reply I was supposed
to send but I never did


HOkaYyyy! Let's talk beauty, enough with the.. hmmm errmm 
whatever stressful bits of my routine. Enough.

Hana is now a real pro. The work she's done are simply amazing!

Her cliental include wives to VIPs and millionaire's daughters who wished to be transformed looking flawlessly beautiful for their weddings, engagements and dinner gatherings.

These pics above are shots of my daughter Seri, done my Hana :)

Hana is from Kuching and she is like a daughter to me. She's very sweet, friendly and you won't feel like you're meeting a stranger. I think that's how her work always turns out perfect on her clients, they feel so at ease and comfortable with her the beauty shines through. 

If you're looking for someone who could your look from
 'daaa..' to 'Va Va vOOmmm!', Hana is the person.

This is how to get in touch with her:-

HANA - 016 816 1603

heeehehheheee... yup! auntie purposely put that in extra large font sweetie :P

These are only a couple of the work she's done I'm showing you,
follow her posts on instagram @elephanabakri if you like to see more :)

And oh yaa!! This is Hana the makeup artist extraordinaire! ;)

* * *

You have a wonderful weekend yaa love? 
And be sure to always stay safe on the road :*

Till next post... 

1 comment:

Azura Chan said...

Yeah. A very talented girl! Would love to have Hana to 'transform' me someday. Haha.

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