Sunday, December 7, 2014

Greens For Tired Eyes

Weekend is the best! I can wear my most comfortable old faded denim shirt and
enjoy as much green as I want ;) 

My weekend Saturday Sunday these days are always packed with beadings, family time, meeting with the other Women's Institute volunteers, weddings.. If I could, I would just prefer to be home with my family, and try to settle my hanicomb orders. 

When I do get this rare 'free' time, most of the hours I'd be sewing or go out and spend time with my kids. But there were times, I think, I spend wayyyy tooo much time with my needles and little beads and I know very well that is very very bad for my eyes. 

I got to know, if you want to give your eyes a 'break', go out and stare at the greens. If you could, try to focus on greens that are far farrrrrr away from you, not on greens that you're stepping on :D

Can't get me to stare at the nearest greens ya.., I'll start counting the leaves :P

Have a good weeks peeps!

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