Monday, December 15, 2014

13 Dec 2014 Staff Gathering

We are just so excited because it was the company first ever staff dinner gathering. Thank you to darling Lin for snapping we-fies non stop we have loads of group photos to show to our grandkids later! Hahahhaaa.. Ohh my, she's so good with the monopod I tell you! Thanks Lin!! 

Me and Lin, our Monopod Princess ;)

My colleagues are like my own family. The ladies are like my own younger sisters.. heheee.. yaaa! They are much younger than me. When they asked hanicomb to sponsor a necklace for our Queen Of The Night, I couldn't say NO. Because these people would never say NO to me. They are the best colleagues you could ever asked for, LOVE all of them to bits!! Though I had to struggle with time to finish the necklace, I would definitely do it again just for them :D

So, when the dinner committee began to have their discussions about the venue, budgets, prizes.., I wasn't involved at first. I came into being the a committee when they needed an emcee. And of course I said YES right instantly! :)

Had so much fun! Though tired, but we're satisfied with the program. Timing was perfect, and there were no boring moments because each time in between we always had something to entertain everyone. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. 

The committee, going gaga over the lucky draw prizes
Each and every one of our 70 colleagues who attended the gathering 
went home with a gift or two, including us :)

We are happy everything went so well Alhamdulillah,
a huge CONGRATULATIONS to them my awesome colleagues! :*

Ever since the committee announced the dinner theme, I made a point to come up with a necklace for myself to wear. Managed to whip up a red/black piece a day before and finished off attaching the ribbons an hour before getting ready. 

And the lucky lady of the night was Zalina, she wore a beautiful red/black assemble and has been eyeing on the necklace since she entered the dinner hall!! Hhahaaaaa.. She must have been praying really hard for the necklace ;)

Congrats INA!! 

And that's me, before leaving the house.
Seri took few quick snaps while hubby's car headlights (you can tell from my shadows on the wall) were already 'telling' me to get in the car! Hahaaahaaaa!

For me, being comfortable is KEY. Pants and shirt, with a statement necklace ;)

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