Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Week :)

Last Saturday meeting at WI office, 
wearing persian green shawl by @zaitunshawls
and pua kumbu cardigan by @theikats

Second week into my new routine Alhamdulillah, I'm finding it kinda therapeutic actually. May sound a bit unusual to you, but I'm loving the prepping up bit ;)

I am spending extra more of time in front of the mirror lately, and honestly I have to say, it's a good way to start the day. Hahhahaaa.. How come I never knew this!?? Because usually I don't spend long hours getting myself ready before leaving the house. I'm always rushing, and like.. faster faster ChoP Chop!! But now, I take my sssweeeeeeeeet time :)

But I prefer the simple style, because I am not that young anymore, I don't want to look too cluttered you know.. So impressed with some of the styles I see young ladies wear their hijabs on instagram and facebook, very trendy but still covered and proper :)

Wouldn't want to start going crazy purchasing unnecessarily now, I've been reminding myself... You can get too carried away buying shawls, don't you agree?

*saw another site online last night, maybe I'll ---- * STOP * !

Realizing I do need few more to wear in rotation during the week, I went back to the one particular store I purchased the Naelofar shawl for my Hijabstailista TV9 shoot two weeks ago :D

Got myself couple more of the naelofar shawls, and half a dozen of @zaitunshawls (find them on instagram). Soooo happy I found this brand! Personally, I think @zaitunshawls has superb quality chiffon shawls, and best of all, the owners are Sarawakians! 

Practicing my life principle peeps ~ "Support Our Own" ! YESSSSS!  ;)

You can get their shawls at Fadya Boutique Kompleks Islam Kuching, or whatsapp them direct. The contact details is available on their instagram account. 

And I don't put away my old shawls, had few (still good) tucked away in my closet for years. Now, they are all lined up together with my brand new colourful ones :)

Love this years old shawl, that was given to me by one of my besties
Salbiah, I love it so much I avoided wearing it too often... all the way from Mecca :)

I am excited to do more OOTD =D

There's a place I have been visiting lately and I've purchase few new cardigans 
from the boutique. Will share the info real soon ya? 

Till next post... :*

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Coffee Girl said...

did u say cardigan? where? where?

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