Saturday, November 29, 2014

School's Over!

We took last Friday off from work just to avoid the school holiday crowd. I thought about going a bit more further from Kuching, to another resort in Lundu perhaps but just didn't have much time to really think and plan on it. Anyways, Hani was looking forward to have dinner at the Permai Rainforest Resort again that's just next to Damai Beach Resort. 
'Arman..! You better not hit anyone in the head with that soccer ball!!
I don't want to have to settle with a lawsuit returning from a little holiday trip boy..'

I know -___-

I gotta quit nagging too much. I still have to nag, i AM a MoM. 

My boy is growing up too fast and don't want him to remember me as 
'my nagging mommy'

He's the joyous one! Couldn't wait to get on the beach and just love the water! 
hahahahah what child doesn't :))

7am at the breakfast table, doing what I do best...
reserving a good table for everyone :P ,
while sewing ;)

The eldest was at the beach, the second daughter was cycling round the resort area, the third was in the room (too hot she said), and my youngest was in the pool nearby.. Well ya, I was KEEPING WATCH, while busy replying messages and sewing. Papa was.. errr, I think he was at the loo . Had too much to eat the past 24 hours :D

So, these days I choose not to be in the water. The few hours in the morning before checking out at noon I used to finish up some of my orders. The sunset walk was done the evening before, so, romantic do>>> check! The trip was mostly for the kids. Mostly we were..

"Where's kakak. Where's adek..? Where's Arman.. Hungry?? What you wanna eat? Towels? Thirsty?? Hungry? CAREFUL DON'T HIT PEOPLE!!" ...that last one was me of course. 

For me, if the kids had fun, I'm happy to be the towel carrier and the beach/pool guard :)

And speaking of crowd, we bumped into my twin sis that Saturday morning. The company she's working for was having a family day and yeahhhh!! There were CROWD! Hahhaaaa Well, what can I say... One of the only few resorts in Kuching, what did I expect?? The resort all to ourselves?? :P Hahhahaaa... Been awhile since we gone out together...

It's almost the end of the year. 2014 is going by so fast and soooo much has happened! Syukor Alhamdulillah. We can only be praying to have all the best in life, but Allah knows what's best for us. Accepting fate sometimes can be really hard, but we just have to keep going. Life is not always cherries correct? Losing and gaining is part of living. If changes is needed for a better future, just gotta embrace it... Always, it is easier said than done, but, that's how some things are.  

And that cafe behind us is going to have a new look by mid 2015! 

Be nice, smile, be good, don't hurt the people you love, buy them dinner
and say how much you love them :)

Enjoy your weekend and huuuggsss!

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