Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Like It Timeless

The urge to revamp my wardrobe is ahh adooohh aduuhh! 
*not sure how else best to describe it* Hehheheee

I purchased few more tudungs online and I told myself stop for now. For Now! :P

Whenever I have a bit of extra time, I'll stop by at @oddhaus (on instagram) boutique to browse on their new arrivals. Loving the collections because they  have a lot of jackets and outer wear that are 'friendly' to our warm climate. 

I think these days I prefer to dress it down most of the time, but I still don't want to look sloppy at the same time. Hmmm.. how should I put it..? Casual, but chic and timeless :D Yesss! Timeless! ;)

My blue cardigan and the black light cotton jacket I wear in the next photo is from @oddhaus. I wear this blue cardigan a lottttt coz it's just simply yummy and comfortable! They have it in few other colours but you better get there fast, their stuffs are selling quite fast. 

And all my colourful tudungs in this post (except the black one) are from @zaitunshawls (on instagram), they are made by Sarawakian sisters Effa and Fatin :D If you're in Kuching, you can get these shawls at Fadya Boutique Kompleks Islam Baitulmal. 

 Take care loves!

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