Friday, November 28, 2014

Arwah Bapak In My Dream

on Bapak's 100th day tahlil, Tuesday, 18 October 2014, with my sisters,
Siti, Zuria & Ina

Our family tahlil last week marked 100th days of our late Bapak's passing..


Early this morning, I woke up from my sleep at half past 3 in tears.

I met Bapak in my sleep, but he didn't say much, he was just smiling, in his usual smart look, slacks & collared T-shirt. And he was looking a bit younger.. smiling at me.

I saw him at the mall's carpark, when I went after him the first time around, smiling at me, he walked away. Then went after him again and at one point, I was standing right in front of him. He was still just smiling. Maybe he was congratulating me on Dato' Siti ... :D

I lifted my arms, somehow I think I knew I was dreaming. As if I was trying my luck to touch him and no, he didn't disappear :')

I held him, hugged him, and could really feel him.

Just to be sure, I patted him in the back a number of times just to feel
his body is really next mine.... I was about to say I miss you when I woke up..

I'm so happy I got that hug :')

Tuesday, 18 November 2014, with my twin sis Ina and younger sister Siti

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