Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Little Things

little things in life,
fine little meal at a nice cafe at a nice hotel 

Relationship is made of the little things. The little things made you fell in love, and fall in love all over again. Those little things keep everything together, and the other little things too would break it apart. 

Sometimes, a third person's (in a couple's marriage) little things, can contribute 
to the harmonious relationship to crumble. 

Things will only happen, if YOU LET IT HAPPEN.
Things, Don't - Just - Happen. They don't.

If you let another person seduced you with his/her little things, something will happen,
and people will get hurt. 

When you've been in a relationship (marriage) for so long, after awhile, there will be those few little things that annoy your spouse..... Then, there will be that one person your husband will spend a bit more extra time with, his colleague for instance, and after some time, he will find the lady colleague's little things appear somewhat attractive, and before long, become more and more intriguing. That's when the relationship between the male and female colleagues becomes, something else. Sooner or later, the office little romance could even proceed to little meals with little conversations at the nice hotel cafe. Which, we know, what can possibly happen next. 

I mean, at home, the wife's little things already becoming a nuisance. At work, the lady colleague's soft spoken (for example) ways has become something that the husband look forward to everyday going to work. This is one of the causes, that would result into the beginning of an Extra Marital Affair. That is, If You Let IT Happen. 

Sometimes people blame the wife, for being ignorant of the husband's needs and attention. But I have seen this happen. Few, from what I learned from their marriages, it was never the wives' fault. A couple were even, I dare say, deserved to be crowned Wife of The Year. They're the good wives, obedient, almost-perfect mother, kinda wives.

When you men (husbands) leave home for work, you must remember, you have a wife waiting for you at home. When you leave the house to go to work, your wife trusts you to behave, to keep your hands to yourself, to keep your mind only to be focused on work. Not the little things that would cause you to go astray. 

No doubt, we are human, we are weak. But if we stick to our 'foundation', know our responsibilities as a married person, keep office relationships professional, the flying pots and pans at home can easily be avoided. 

Till next post... take care and hug her more :)

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