Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Ending

Wearing kebaya by @whitehangerkl (on instagram)
for a wedding reception last Friday night

I've known auntie Ana ever since I was very young, since I was just in junior primary school. When we met again after years and years later, I could still recognize her because she still looks the same, same like how she looked like when I first known her 3 decades ago!

I think it's the singing thingy.. that really has been keeping her looking young and gorgeous. Every else calls her Kakak, I can't. So used to calling her auntie :) The sweet things was, me met again and rekindled our 'auntie and little girl' friendship because our daughters became classmates when they were in primary school :) Always smiling this lady... :) Love you auntie Ana!! :*

And loving my chiffon kebaya so much! Ordered two from @whitehangerkl last week, thought I gave it shot. Very very inexpensive, worth every penny peeps! ;) But errmm... not sure if you'd be in time to order for this coming Raya Haji.

Hmmm.. Raya Haji. I'm not in the mood at all to celebrate, miss my Bapak :'(
Al Fatihah.

Our darling little sister Zuria celebrated her birthday this month and the three of us, her elder sisters decided to get her a little gift. We know, Bapak would agree with our choice... a super cute purplish pink Swatch wrist watch :)

Saturday morning at Swatch outlet

We arrived at the mall well before 11am, loved the 'crowd'! kee keee keee :)) ... Always a lot of fun with these two :* So, I wasn't planning on buying anything but we couldn't say no to Carlo Rino RM99.00 for 2 pairs offer! Wallaaaao!! Haahahahaaa..!

So, each of us grabbed a pair (including a 4th pair for my darling Mak), and I ended with these cute earthy orange soles!

I was running out of idea how to pose on Sunday afternoon, so.. I hunched lah

LOVE!! Wore them with my Sunday ensemble, when abang took us out for late lunch at Cafe Cafe restaurant, Original Carwash Rubber Road Kuching. Love the food, big huge portions, usually I would share my plate with hubs or my daughters. Too much for one person, I think. Well, unless you're a big eater heheheee ;) Why don't you give it a go no? You'll love the ambiance too, the setting is very romantic. 

the salad

jumbo plate of fish and chips.. jumbo for me at least

Then, I was back to my usual routine at home.......
finishing up my orders :)

That's how I spent my last weekend in September.
I hope and pray for better, happier months to come, Amin. In Shaa Allah.. 

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