Friday, October 17, 2014

Mid October Rainstorm

If I could, I'd take my whole family to Langkawi... But we simply don't have the luxury of free time. There were times, 5 of us would be free, but one of my children has to be at campus or, just couldn't make herself free. Trips outside Sarawak is always impossible to plan.

When a lot of things don't seem to go the way you want them to be, going away for a couple of days, away from the norm, usually helps. 

My children are growing so fast! TOO FAST!! I want to collect more pics of them, of us all going vacations. Things are just always crazy busy, hardly have time to really spend good quality time together.

And I want more silly photos of myself! Like this one..

fighting the strong wind that afternoon, before the heavy rainstorm

Not the norm kind of pic you would expect to receive via whatsapp from your daughter, when you knew you did pose, you did smile, you did sit still for a shot, or for at least two shots. At least the second shot was proper. No, the second was not proper too :\

But, I appreciate this one was captured though, not everything should be perfect. This photo reminds me of the facts of life. Not everything in life can be perfect, no matter how you prepared, how much effort you put in, sometimes, things just don't go as you expected them to be. 


Food, you can always plan to have the almost-perfect dining experience.

When we stayed at the Damai Beach Resort last weekend, we decided to try a nearby restaurant located at the Permai Rainforest Resort. LOVED IT!

One Word.

ExCelleNt !!!

I'm not gonna story story much... You just gotta try it yourself 
Go! This weekend ;)


You young people. I don't know how you can stand the heat, the sun. 

One of my daughters : "Mama, Arman is not a little boy anymore.."

Well then, when I showed this beach play set to my son, he got pretty excited
and couldn't wait to build his sand castle :D

That's Seri, when she heard I booked a room for our little weekend trip, she decided to make sandwiches for our late Saturday afternoon lunch. She boiled eggs, baked some chicken breasts, packed them with few loaves of bread, mayo, mixing bowl... For a very nice indoor afternoon picnic :) Saved her parents some cash! That's my girl!! :P

 Hotel food is crazy expensive peeps!! 

But buffet was worth it. 

Got up early Sunday morning, ate our breakfast on the sun deck,
digest, then it was time for pool and beach again :)

Should do this monthly, like seriously. Should have more family time like this.
I think this weekend gonna take the kids to Permai again, 
wanna try the other food on the menu :)

One shot after the storm ;)

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Anonymous said...

My favourite place for getaway, Kak!

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