Thursday, October 16, 2014

Makeup Advice From Seri

This morning, was in history.
It was the first time, I applied BB cream onto my face. 
I used the one, Seri ditched ...
I liked it :) 
I am going to continue using, it is specially good for me because I drive, and it gives my skin good protection from the sun ray, whilst treating my skin at the same time,
well err.. that's what I was told it does

"And Mama, if you're the type who doesn't go for the false eyelashes, then you must invest in a good mascara. Chanel, Estee Lauder...  (in my head, keting! ketinggg!! $$$$$$) ...Clinique is one of the best Maa! Tomorrow we both go for some serious makeup shopping for you. Make sure you bring some serious money.. "


I woke up this morning, realizing I gotta start to get to know at least, a little bit, about makeup. The basics, you know...

What first popped to my mind was, BB cream.

yup... I'm getting advice from the always-camera-ready daughter, Seri ;)

I've been hearing my daughters, talking bout it with my sisters during our girls' outings. And naturally, they did not include me in the conversation -__-  I was just the driver, and the person who pays for food. 

So. All this, because hanicomb is going to have a TV interview real soon, in shaa Allah. The date has been fixed, just waiting for the actual date to arrive. And so, I need to be ready with quite a few details, they are >>>>>> 

1. Wardrobe (that would also include head scarf/tudung)
2. Loads of necklaces for display
3. Demonstration set
4. TV-ready-face
5. Food for the TV crew
6. Assistants!! *photographer, food server, on set assistants, makeup assistant* [this is where my 3 daughters and my sisters would come in handy]

Ohh man. So much to do. 

I'm already so stressed out thinking about the shooting. I think I hear my giant pimples knocking from under my facial skin -__-

Pray for me ya? 


Thanks sweethearts and have a good weekend!! :*

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