Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Wedding And A Funeral

The day before my beloved Bapak passed away, there was a wedding reception at The Sarawak Golf Club for Auntie Marina's daughter. Auntie Marina is my Bapak's cousin.  

14 Syawal 1435 Hijrah / 10 August 2014

Usually my cousins uncles aunties nieces nephews and I would meet during this kind of family gatherings. We took lot of wefies that day! It's always fun taking photos with them, and other than Hari Raya and weddings, deaths in the family is the time we reconnect and spend few hours together talking bout old days, and chatted about designing lifts for a new building in the city.. hehehee.. Well, I joined that conversation with an Engineer cousin few nights backs, on one of the Tahlil nights organized for my late Bapak (Al Fatihah God please bless his soul).

I accept this fate, His plans.

We never thought, we would be burying our beloved Bapak the next day...  

Tahlil for our beloved Bapak from 
                               15 Syawal 1435 Hijrah - 21 Syawal 1435 Hijrah

with my sisters.. 

with my cousins, aunties, nieces, nephews, sisters..

* * *

Somehow, he let me settle all the things that are dear to me before leaving us. He let me enjoyed hanicomb great success, the magazine cover in July, the magazine features from March till June, appearances in Hanis Zalikha's Jodoh 2 drama in June.. Everything was (still is) perfect for hanicomb. Nothing I had dreamed of for hanicomb. He let me had it all, he let me enjoyed all of it, before he fell ill at the end of Ramadan (23.7.2014).

Now I know how it feels to loose a parent. Missing him tremendously. Al Fatihah

Call or visit your parents if you haven't done so for a long time.. 

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