Wednesday, August 6, 2014

12 Hours

Yup! Those are my favourite flats.. Couldn't let them go. 
No more cat poop, they are very clean now :)

If only Madam Utan and little Utan could speak... *wink wink*

It has been non stop.. Work, chauffeuring, baking cakes, the endless sewing, household chores, cooking, hubby-ing, managing my little business from replying messages emails to organizing beads and pearls... I don't know how I do it, I just keep going. If you start putting all in your head at once, you will start to get that panicky overwhelming feeling from your toes up to your head. And it does not feel positive at all. 

Not much I can do about my situation right now, I put myself here.

I needed a break. I really really did have that urge that compulsion that I'm gonna take a break I'm gonna free myself from all the madness. But, I never did. Because I'm a mother and a wife, and I own a small business. 

Last Friday night sayang and I just went for it.

We didn't even pack extra clothing. Fed the kids early dinner, got myself few magazines and we just went. 

Literally, just went.

Didn't even bother to bring our toothbrush O_O

Brought along Victoria (on ELLE cover) and Hanis (on Jelita cover) with me for the night.. Love reading Victoria's interview, her perspective and views as a designer with four children is really inspiring and uplifting :)

Thank God they provided two of this comfortable robe ;)

Midnight nasi goreng for two.. Homaiiigaddd it was sooo romantic hehehee
*flowers bloom bloom in my heart*

So, we didn't have our toothbrush. I guess we could have requested from housekeeping 
but we decided to chew on clorets instead  :P

Only few hours into it I was already thinking of home, and our kids. I was already telling sayang to have a very early breakfast the next morning so we could get home well before noon. And true enough, our little 'getaway' only lasted 12 hours but, I kept thinking about it for days... What matters most was the quality time we both had together gether :D It was fun, completely free from luggage-stress and romantic ;)

Yup, I gulped down everything... 
Was so good my unbrushed teeth didn't even bother me :D

Will do this again definitely!

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