Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Iftar At The Banquet Kuching

We don't usually eat outside during Ramadan but for one night at least, darling bff Izan would treat us all to enjoy the scrumptious spread of food at The Banquet. Thanks so much sister! *heart*

Hmm... would you believe I completely forgot to snap pics of the food, hehehehe ... But I do have one to show though...

There you go :)

During the 1st week of Ramadan, after couple days of fasting, I suffered gastritis for a whole week. For the 1st week we have been buying outside food mostly. Sayang said probably there was something wrong that I ate. But I was pretty sure it was gastritis. But he still said...

"Maybe it was the outside food Dek. I think we should cook. Let's buy fish!" And we have been baking Ikan Tenggiri five nights a week now :D

Less oily, yummy, healthier, very filling, less bones and yummy x2!! Sayang and my kids are loving this new routine and they don't mind having it every single night :) So much easier to manage, I mean, just pop it in the oven and bake away! The only tedious bit is cleaning the fish and marinating. 

So, last weekend, I gave the kids a little break from baked fish :)

As usual, there was so much food at The Banquet to choose from but I only had one big serving from the buffet. I didn't go for a second round, I had my eyes on other 'things' ;)

His name is Naufal :)

I took a baby girl earlier from her grandmother (Izan's aunt) but she refused me after few minutes when she saw her daddy. Then I saw Naufal, his family's table was just next to ours. I first saw Naufal when Izan was carrying him. And thought this is my chance to hold another baby! Annndddddddd I snagged him away from Izan, leaving Izan bawling crying runny nose and all like a little child! Hahahahahaa..! Kidding! :P

Would you believe that he put his head on my chest the soonest I had him in my arms? :D His grandma said he usually is quite picky with people. Heyyyy... babies love me okayyy heheheeee.. OH God! He smells so good. I miss having babies, I do. I really do..

My twin sis, nephew and mom were invited too. Been awhile since we sat
together enjoying a good meal :)

My mom, my children and twin sis Ina :)
The only person who's missing was our sis Siti

Friends forever! :*

I did give it a thought about going for iftar with my family at the local Hotels, but the ones I'm eyeing on are charging so much. Imagine if I had to pay almost 1k for a one night's iftar! Ohh man that's CRAZY!! That's like a year's supply of Ikan Tenggiri! hahhaaaa :))

You know, this was what I did most of the time after breaking my fast. While Naufal was on my chest, I watched my children enjoyed themselves. Taking selfies, talking bout the fabulous food, laughed, while the other would leave the table few times again and again to get more cakes and prawns! They even offered me a cheese tart that they thought was as good as their mommy's cheesecake :) I could just sit there, and watch them laugh, eat, giggle and talk for hours. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids enjoy themselves, Alhamdulillah...

One shot of us

Till next year! ;)

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Coffee Girl said...

maybe it's time to rethink about having adik for Arman. :-)

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