Monday, July 14, 2014

Autographs And Everything Else!

Who would have thought, me, an ordinary working mom would be asked to sign autographs for a cover of a fashion magazine :P Heehehee.. Cool!!

This doesn't happen often. When it does, it feels super surreal :)
Then, I'd get back to my normal daily life; Drive to work, fetch the kids from school, cook, laundry.. Just that my life is a little bit extra busy these days, and can be overwhelming at times. Orders are still pouring in, and ideas just keep floating in my head waiting to be transformed into necklaces. Beading don't leave much room for me to do anything else no more.. But it's ok, I don't mind signing autographs everyday :D

Syukor Alhamdulillah for all the blessings... The hard work, all paid off. 

Front cover, appearances in a tv drama, 
Hanis Zalikha! She is hanicomb's muse!! :*

Received a call last week...
TV interview. Woww wee!! Oh man! So excited for hanicomb! ;)

Let's just sit tight, and see what happens next. 

If you haven't seen the July 2014 Hijabista magazine yet, here I give you few shots from inside of the magazine.. featuring hanicomb of course ;)

Lovinggggggggggg the photos so much!

Cover girl Hazlin wearing hanicomb necklaces 
hana, sofiya, aisya & izzah :)

Inside magazine model wearing hanicomb necklaces
abby, michelle, izzah & sofiya :D

Hanis Zalikha wearing hanicomb 2nd neklace sofiya 
in Astro drama Jodoh 2

Hanicomb necklace missCleo made a drama debut
few weeks earlier :)

Looking back, all I wanted to do was make extra income 
from the comfort of my own home...

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