Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CM's Wife Wearing 'ayu'

My mother in law, Puan Sri Dato and me, at the SFWI hightea last Sunday

'ayu' statement bib necklace for Puan Sri Dato Hajah Jamilah Haji Anu

Puan Sri Dato Hajah Jamilah Haji Anu, 
the Sarawak Chief' Minister's wife

I couldn't be more happier! Having the guest of honor Puan Sri Dato wearing our necklace 'ayu' during the Women's Institute hightea on 15.6.2014 was like one of the best moments for hanicomb, to date! And she was really loving it, syukor Alhamdulillah. This month has been filled with so much blessings, things I never thought could happen, actually become reality. 

I feel so deeply honored! Thank you so much Puan Sri Dato :D

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