Friday, June 27, 2014

A 41 Year Old's Tips

us, June 2014

I'm turned 41 yesterday, syukor Alhamdulillah for all the blessings, and I am also grateful for all the bumpy roads I walked passed.

It has been such a wonderful month this June, has been one of the sweetest birthdays, to date :) And it has a lot to do with hanicomb... The first ever appearance in TV drama on Astro (Hanis Zalikha wears two hanicomb necklaces in Jodoh 2), having a prominent figure wearing the necklace 'ayu', ANNDDDDD FIRST MAGAZINE COVER!! :D Still pinching myself, just can't believe hanicomb's luck, Alhamdulillah.. :D

What I'm longing for is a good massage, good facial, and my hair is in much needed of a serious trimming!!

I H A V E B E E N B E E N C R A Z Y B U S Y lately, so much so I've neglected the woman in me O_O

Ladies, at some point you have to put yourself first. Do not forget WHAT YOU WANT. If you have the means, go ahead, buy them!!

ThE HandBaGs I mean!!! Hahahhaaaa LoL Yes the handbaggssss! ;)

Man might find this ridiculous, but handbags make most of us women happy. Make yourself happy, do what makes yourself happy. 

Go get the shoes you saw at the mall last week, go on vacations, buy that expensive bra!! It is OK :) 

I started a bit late though, but it's never too late to own more of those gorgeous luxurious hand candies now is it?? 

I'm sharing few tips today, since I am way much older than most of you my loyal readers out there (I'm pretty sure), I'd like to share with you what being a mother of 22 years taught me. Trusssst me, you do not want to miss the 1st tip!

1. This tip, every woman would want to hear >>> How to stay looking youthful :D

Therrrre..... I see smiles, hahahaaaa ;)

It's easy, it LITERALLY doesn't cost you a single cent. By 'it' I mean, it's a habit. And this habit would help you to save up and eventually realize that dream of owning one of your dream handbags! ;)

>>> How to stay looking youthful

Breast feed your babies ladies! YES. Very simple. Over time, you will thank this healthy habit. It is the best for your baby, and it helps you look younger than your age. I honestly believe this... I mean, think, when you breast feed, it promotes good blood circulation. And who can tell me, what good blood circulation does to your body?? Raise up your hand!! :D

If you follow through this tip, you will get this kind of comment a lot! Like every year of your birthday when you've passed the 35th! hehehee :))

I breastfed all my four children for about 15 years, pausing in between when I was pregnant with the next child. I think I blogged bout this awhile ago but never mind, some of you might have missed it. Okay. Next tip...

2. Use least leastttttt make up ladies. I do believe this also contributed to the nice compliments I get. Some even thought I'm as young as 28. Most say I actually look 10 years younger. Not bragging here ya.. I do feel my age, at times. My joints aren't as strong like when I was 20, I work around the house like a mad housewife, and suffer backaches at night. I could hear my knees squeeking creek-crook when I perform my prayers peeps! Noooo kidding -_-

Hmm yaaa..

Makeup isn't good. It do not make you look younger, it enhances your features, but too much would damage your youthfulness eventually. When damage is done, you'll pile on more makeup, and you'll damage your face even more. Then you'll pile on more and more makeup to cover the damage... You'll lose your skin elasticity sooner than it should, and this makes you look way wayyyy older than your actual age. Remember, this kind of damage you bring onto your skin, is irreversible.

I do hope I scare you enough. You're pretty just the way you are darling, use makeup only when necessary. 

3. My children are all so grown up already. They are young adults. I do wish, that I spent more time with them when they were young. When I look at their pictures when they were toddlers, they brought tears to my eyes. I want that time again. I miss them when they were babies, when they just started going to school... 

Be sure, to spend loads of quality time with your children. It was easier then, these days, too many parents put technologies first before their loved ones. I'm actually quite thankful these things didn't come between my children and I when they were younger. I think my third tip would be, try to schedule a time-off for mobile phones when you're home with the family. Husband and wife, talk to each other more. Or, go out with the phones, but turn them off. Turn them on just to check messages, ONLY important messages. 

* * *

I will share more tips in shaa Allah. And I do have a lot to blog but it's just been impossible to write lately. Do enjoy your weekend loves, and for my muslim readers, Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak :D

... Ohhh.. ! What's with the pic above?? I couldn't think of what to write that should actually comes with the photo. So, I just decided to upload it here :D

Much love! :*

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kak...
Thanks for the worthy tips. I really adore your hardwork, your beauty and your passion in craft. :)

p/s: I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog. :)

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