Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love Yourselves, Us, Women

Fasha Sandha with her little son, her stepson (Nora's son) 
and Nora Danish
*photo credit~ Nora Danish instagram account*

Since last year, I have been occupying and entertaining myself with the local tv dramas and films, online, while I do my sewing and beading. This is mostly just to keep myself awake at night, and less bored during the day. I mean, it's not actually all the time a Yee-Haa-WoooohOooo funfair when sewing for hours and hours. It can be quite weary. 

My eyes are mostly on the needle and beads though. Seri asked me last night..

' ..I mean Maa, how do you "watch" the movie if you don't event look at the screen..??'

I paused, turned to look at my daughter's face, 'It's like reading a book girl....'

I said just that to her, with a huge grin :D

So, I got to know these two gorgeous celebrity actresses from watching all these dramas. Quite addictive I must say. I'd try my best not to miss any episode of each drama (yup, I'm on a few right now), when any of them reaches to 'the end', there will always be another waiting for me ;)

I'm an avid follower of the in particular. And I have watched almost all the latest Indonesian movies on youtube. Lurrrrve the romantic story lines most especially, but I'm not a fan of the horror ones, NOT! 

Loads of life stories we can relate to from the movies; relationship turmoils, family dysfunctions, friendship, marriage..

And speaking of marriage and celebs...

The two beautiful Malaysian celebrities Fasha and Nora are very popular women in their line of work. They are both actresses and mothers. I began following their updates through instagram after noticing them in the dramas/movies I've watched. 

Once, they seemed like enemies. Yes, seemed. 
I gathered that they were in very bad terms because the tabloids were writing about the new marriage, how the other was suffering from the broken marriage, because of the other woman and blahh blahh balahh.. 

Nora's ex-husband is now Fasha's husband. I honestly love how these beautiful women respond to gossips and people's perception and accusations. They didn't do much actually, they are just too busy being mothers. Look at the photo! They are still so young yet, they are moving on. They are just so blessed because their sons are brothers. Some of us should really follow their example. Salute Fasha and Nora!!

The ones who are being too emotional about these women's pasts are actually the fans. They accused Fasha of all sorts and say all the bad ugly nasty things you could say to a woman. I read some of the stuff, shameful really. Seeing another woman (women in Fasha and Nora's case!) cursing condemning another is somewhat disgraceful. These individuals are mostly the other celeb's fans -___- They thought they're doing justice by lashing out towards their favorite celeb's rival, using the social media as their killing fields. I honestly think it's disgusting, degrading and utterly stupid!

Sorry my son, I used the S word here.

There is a better way to flatter, to glorify your idol. It's human nature, continuously extolling on someone you idolize just to gain more attention and hopefully to be dubbed as a bff is I guess, normal (???). But it's kinda pathetic when you have to drag another person simply to prove a point that your idol is the better one between the two. You may praise chant your idol all you want, but don't ever do it on another individual's expense. Let it just be between you and your idol, don't drag another person into it. You may, but if it only causes embarrassment and humiliation to the 3rd person, keep it to yourself bro! Errr.. I mean sister! ;)

Yes yes! This post is for women out there. Pity. A real pity that I see these things on social medias. Women, vituperating another woman... pity. 

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