Friday, May 2, 2014

Labour Day Packages & Mocha

This shot is specially for Nisha of @theikats (find them on instagram).

The last time I put on this jedi kimono outer wear, I didn't have not even one piece of hanicomb necklace with me. Nisha wanted so much to see @theikats paired with hanicomb... So the other day, on my day off, I was in the mood for an OOTD session, with a million pieces of hanicomb to pick from!! Hahhahaaaa..!;)

Never thought that it would reach to a point where I'd have to tell my customers that the next orders shall only be ready in 3 months time O_O

Oh Man.

So, orders for Hari Raya is definitely closed, and I can only add the next orders in our queue list.. I do not like this, but, I only have two hands. But I'm so blessed I have my daughters who have been giving me the extra hands I need. That's a major relief really! And thank you God, thank you ya Allah for this opportunity :)

The latest hanicomb statement bib neckalce 'nia'

OOTD everyday with hanicomb and @theikats ;)

Finished sewing all these babies and got them all packed on Labour Day 
ready for poslaju deliveries :D

And speaking of Labour Day public holiday... 

Man and Kak Yu
Hhhmmm... Hani

Kak Chee and Kak Yu

Man our baby :*

Got our six cups cold yummy thirst quencher at the Kuching Waterfront :D

Mocha Blast. Happiness! ;)

Well, my utmost happiness are my children. Not the cold coffee =)

And the weekend is here again. I'm looking forward to finishing up my beading. *shaking head*. I sure hope I can finish each and every order in time :/ Kinda worried, but, worrying won't do much will it? 

Enjoy your weekend sweetness! Stay hydrated and, smile :D

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Blogger Borneo said...

Hello Sis, nice necklace. Salam kenal dari Blogger Borneo... :-)

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