Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Jika Ingin Berfesyen.."

I want my necklaces to speak for themselves. Why they are priced at specific amount, how one is differently quoted from the other... Only few had commented that hanicomb necklaces are too expensive but mostly, never question it. Some even say my necklaces are undercharged.

"jika ingin berfesyen, tengoklah kemampuan diri."  translated~ "if you want to be fashionable, be sure you can afford it."

*** did I translate that correctly??

Someone sent me a link today showing me how people are making fun of this response by a facebook page administrator of a fashion house. 

I would never ever say that! How can you, a fashion house, say that?? And adding few more lines, which sounds more like an insult, "...jika tak mampu menabung.."   what is that supposed to mean sista??! O_O

You are a seller, you want people to spend their money on your products. You don't insult or tell them (your customers/potential customers) how to manage their money. You do not tell them if they are fit (financially) or not to be your customers.

I personally don't think that's a very good answer by the facebook page administrator. This is the second time I come across public questioning a fashion house about price tags. The first time was when I read a question posted by a lady on this very popular local accessory designer facebook page, asking why the products were sold at a very high price whereas she (the lady) thought the ribbons and other items used on the products aren't expensive at all.  

The fb administrator did reply, but I'm not gonna comment on the answer though... 

These two incidents I will use as my own guideline. 

What not to say. 

How to say it better. 

And I hope, these messages (from hanicomb customers) I posted on facebook / instagram are enough to convince you of hanicomb's quality. 

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