Monday, May 26, 2014

Hijabista Features hanicomb 'izzah'

2014 has been good to hanicomb, syukor alhamdulillah... And Hanis Zalikha and her team are being so kind to me, so so thankful for what they have done for hanicomb. 

From what I was told, hanicomb necklaces will be featured in the local magazines for the Hari Raya issues and that is just simply fabulous! I mean, it's HARI RAYA ISSUE okayyyyyy! OHh myyyy so exciting :D Can't wait to get my hands on them, hopefully it is really happening yaa.. 

'izzah' statement bib necklace
by hanicomb

Hijabista Nona June 2014

This feature by Hijabista is awesome! Thanks so much Hijabista for this,
love you long time!! :* 

Ehemmm... I was stuck on pages where they were giving tutorials on how to wear hijabs, I do have in mind which style I like best, in shaa Allah one day :)

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