Saturday, May 10, 2014

Date With Your Spouse

had my best accessories and perfume on for our date night ;)

The two of us still do go out on dates. Just the two of us, whenever we can. Not often though, as we both do not have much of extra time. When we do have spare time, we use it to be with the kids. That's more important than our alone time together. 

It's like when we first started dating again...  :D

They were not wrong when they said, it's like courting before you're married.. Because the kids are all grown up now we both don't have anything to worry about whenever we have to leave them by themselves. Just need to call in every hour, that's it! :)

But errmm..., you might have to wait 25 years, heheeee... Unless you're just gonna have one child, you may start dating again when it's safe to leave your child home alone unattended. If you have four kids like me, and my last baby was born 10 years ago, then YOU do need to wait about 20 years or so, to start dating, again :))

No, you don't have to wait that long to start dating again... My view is through my own experience, in my case, I don't have another adult who could babysit the young children. Hubby and I never hired a maid as long we're married. We had help, when my Hani and Arman were babies and toddlers. My wonderful mother in-law and father in-law helped us a lot during that time ... May Allah make my parents and parents in-law among the inhabitants of jannah Aaminn, Aaminn... Thanks mak, bapak, mummy and daddy! :*

People always tell the young, they are too young to know what love is, to be in love. Our elderlies may say things that hurt, but they don't mean to hurt on purpose. They don't mean to put us down. They just don't want us to make the wrong decisions. They think they know better, but you know what?? They do know better actually! Our parents are the only people that want us to be better than them, we must know that. 

Listen to them, give yourself a chance to listen to probably the best advice you could ever heard. Sit down, and listen. Let them speak, it's for your own good. They won't say anything if they didn't care. They have gone through the ups and downs, seen the worst. What they want to see is, you're still all lovey dovey not sick of each other after 20 years of marriage! ;) Well yaa... they better be ready to babysit each time you plan for that romantic candle light dinner date then..! Hehhehee.. I'm sure they'd be happy to spend some precious few hours with their grandchildren, I'm pretty sure. 

I better stop here... Hubs giving me that look ;) Haahahaaa

Have a good weekend loves! 

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