Sunday, April 27, 2014

Living Up To The Status

a page in InTrend magazine April issue

Did you get your InTrend Malaysia April copy??

Hehehee.. this is kinda cool ;)

A selfie of myself and my eldest daughter Ayu were picked for the magazine's special issue on 'Selfie' :D And our pic represents Tip No 1 on how to do a proper selfie, soooo cool!

Well, but ermm.. I don't think I deserve this 'recognition' though, heeeheheee! I don't do enough selfie no I don't think so. Hmmm, I should from now on, I must live up this status, this recognition :D

I thank you InTrend Malaysia for this! Really appreciate it :* MMmmmooaahhhsz big wet kisses for you InTrend!! *I-heart-U-Big-Big!*

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