Monday, April 21, 2014

It Was Never My Intention

a brief part from the credit role for Astro Ria drama Jodoh2

Didn't plan to have this happen when I started my little business. No intention at all to have my necklaces appear in a TV drama on a popular channel, donned by one of Malaysia's most beautiful fashion icons!

But if it gives the younger generations motivations, confidence and inspirations to be successful, I'll be standing at the from row sharing tips and ideas! :D I still have a lot to learn though, but I do know the basic needs to run or to start a business.

Money is always an issue, confidence.. The confidence, your belief with your own skills and capabilities, moral support from your loved ones, and most importantly your drive. Then again, everyone has drive...

Being diligent is D most important trait I think. If you're lazy, not prepared to work hard, forget it!

Thank you so much to Hanis Zalikha and her team for everything! I am forever thankful :)

Watch Jodoh2 every Monday night 10pm
on Astro Ria :)

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