Monday, April 28, 2014

Box Guitar

Friday night at Sharing Down Town.

No doubt I'm at my happiest during the weekends. Although there are times I would have to work, but hubby and I will squeeze time to spend some fun time with the kids, fun included makan makan eat eat get all fat! Heheheee..! So, last Friday night, we decided to take the kids to Sharing Down Town. 

Would you believe if I told you it was my first time at the Sharing Down Town?? My girls Ayu, Seri and Hani had dined there quite a number of times with their friends. Yup! I'm always the last one in Kuching... I'm just not convinced, until I've heard it from 20 persons saying the food is DaBomMM. Well yea.., reviews has to be DaBomMM then I'll give it a shot :D

Well helloooo I mean, you spend so much on a plate you don't want to go home angry now do you?? ;) The most important bit is, hubby loved the steak. Settled! Can go again next time :)

Saturday night at Sakae Sushi for my comfort food 
with the kids

Oohhh my!! Did I actually wear that worn out denim to Sakae???! hahahaaa LoL :P

Sunday morning at Laksa Amoi
(located next to Sara Bif Satok)

Sunday morning ritual. In yesterday's case, it was a pre-event breakie for moi, like some other Sundays ;) This bowl only costs RM5 a pop, it is my darlings, beyond DabOmM! The sambal is, my trip to the moon :*

Sunday afternoon at our kids' event

I was actually clenching my teeth my fingers because he was sooooo sooo adoraablllllllllle! Sweetheart Racckesh was one of the top winners and the 6 year old was prepared with a speech! hahahahaha no nooo I'm kidding. NO, it wasn't a speech, it was a 'How To Make A Toy Guitar' manual! Homaiiigadd he's simply adorable!!

Little part of what he wrote (all by himself) in the white piece of paper.... 3.Shoe box. 4.Strings. 7.Duck tape... Last but not least, tq to my Tata (his Grandpa). Aawww sooo sweet, my heart went all heart heart melt melt you guysss :) :*

I was already completely knackered from standing too long but it all went away when this handsome boy came up to receive his hamper :)

That was my busy weekend. Ohhh..! I didn't mention my beading at night haa??! I guess you know already lahh, I have very less time to cook these days =)

Sunday evening at my happiest, chit chating with hubby surrounded by my heart and soul, my children, while waiting for my buttered prawns to arrive :D

As usual, my dinner was my lunch too, so, you can imagine my hungriness. 
Thanks sayang for the treat! LOvE Ya!! :*

Then, I continued where I left my Saturday night beading till midnight last night.

Kids are off to school and I need to get ready for work, have a good week lovelies! :*

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