Monday, March 31, 2014

March in Memory

A lot has happened the past few days / weeks, March in particular...

It was one of hanicomb most exciting moments, 
when Fouziah Gous received her 'seri' amethyst/onyx bib necklace.. 

Then, that little celebration to mark our 25th year together..
syukor alhamdulillah..

photos of us two taken in 2013 (top) and 1989 (bottom)

The little feature for hanicomb,
in InTrend magazine March issue :D ... Thank you again InTrend!! 

... my very first Starbucks coffee, Yes my First! Which I chose to have 
a special name written on it :)

behind the scenes, 
the photos,
and the comments by our beloved children, Kas and Ayu

When you (mothers!) intend to snap those drinks or food before gulping them down, be sure, just BE SURE there are no daughters or sons looking at what you're up to. Chances are, they might just steal a shot and post it on their instagram and make fun of their snaps of the day! :P

thanks to my darling bff for 'making' me go out 
and enjoy Starbucking together gether ;)
Next together gether session, Izan must come!!




Then, there was that awful dreaded news..
Our PM announced on what happened to MH370 in Indian Ocean
*today is Day 24*

As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough.. That week, 
we had to put our darling Roxy to sleep..

I miss her so much :'(


She was a very good pet cat... She would send me out to work, and greeted me when I arrived home. Accompanied me when I was about to enter the house, and watched my steps, as I made my way in, almost every time she did this... Now, I only imagined she was there looking up at me when I take out my house keys to the door. I hope we'll meet again in Jannah some day, in shaa Allah.. Mama misses you, mama loves you darling, we all miss you, we all miss you Roxy. Will forever stay in our hearts, in our memories.. Rest in peace :*

this probably was the only few shots of Roxy and me together... 
photobomber Roxy! :')

I welcomed the month of March four weeks back with a fun night out with my bestie Izan, Ina and Mel.. Mel is Ina's bestfriend since ferever!! And Mel's sister, is Izan's sister in-law... Yup!! We are ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! Hehehee :)

... yaa.., It is a very small world indeed.

Mel the self-claimed Cleopatra,
we had steaks at the Basaga on the last day of February

When I told Mel her necklaces were ready for collection, she decided I should hand it to her over dinner. I thought why not?? I said that'd be cool! Let's ask Ina and Izan to join.. And we ate, talked, joked, choked, laughed, whispered and coffeed till 1am!!

Mel's :)

We snapped and selfied like made women! hahahhaaa
it wassss so much fun! =)
And I'm glad these three sisters of mine FORCED me to leave
my beading table for the night. This should happen more often :D

then coffee at Hilton 

It has been quite a month, but I am grateful for everything that happened. Life is short, and precious, I feel so small. Hard to believe it has been 25 years, our kids are all grown up and, I'll be 50 in nine years! O_O

I cannot imagine my life without my family. Those who lost their loved ones in the MH370 tragedy, my heart goes out to them.. Whatever we have here now, are only on loan from God. Death is Definite, Love is Eternal. 

So much I'll have to consider before taking that leap, not an easy decision to make. But I'm just so lucky and blessed with the support I've been getting, so..., I just might.. 

Have a productive week darlings! :*

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