Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fab February! :)

Received a message asking for our logo... 
'The producer suddenly asks for it kak..'

P r o d u c e r ??

Ohh okay okay, let me fix the sizes and will email to you, I said.

In the midst of preparing the jpeg copy, 
I sent another message asking what's the logo for...

Let's keep the title of the drama a little secret a while ya.. ;)

They are still shooting the drama at the moment. I don't want to put my hopes too high though, if it happens, it happens :D

Well, I really do like it becoming a reality. Kinda cool ya, having hanicomb necklaces in a drama on Astro would be suuuuper!! And speaking of TV appearances...

Nisha is wearing hanicomb bib necklace 'niza'

A customer and a new friend from Bintulu, founder of @theikats (find them on instagram) tenun pants had a golden opportunity of being interviewed in Safiyya on TV9 recently. The show was aired last Sunday, 9 February 2014, 11am. So so honored she chose our necklace to go with her outfits! Thanks so much love! :* 

You can watch the interview on tonton right here peeps! :)

Nisha with her models wearing @theikats tenun pants.
Get on instagram, find @theikats,
and whatsapp them at 019-3434365 :)

Business is doing great! Syukor alhamdulillah. Orders just keep pouring in. Can get very overwhelming at times but I'm so blessed. I'm waiting to see some surprises popping up, crossing my fingers... We'll just wait and see. 

Came up with new designs this month, another new piece is on its way hopefully shall be ready by next week. 

Come have a look...! Email to me at if you'd like a little piece of hanicomb ;) Gotta place your orders soon ya, coz we have a very long queue!

hanicomb bib necklace 'qara'

hanicomb bib necklace 'samantha'

hanicomb bib neklace 'dayini'

This piece, another version of hanicomb 'ArianaRose' statement necklace I wore at a family wedding on 1.2.2014. I thought I could keep it, but was sold while I still had it on me. I MUST come up with few necklaces for myself this coming Raya, MUST!! Wanna look fabulous don't we?? *mmmmm.. why am I not confident..?*

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