Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wrong Ensemble

Getting an invitation from a fabulous online shopping site to be a Style Advisor is super cool. I mean, I'm no fashionista and most definitely not the most stylish in the bunch! This is a great initiative for myself, for 2014, to give a bit more attention to my appearance :) *we'll see how it goes...*

With that statement, I'd like to highlight this one particular fashion-faux, of my myself. I don't even call this ... 'FasHion'. Let's just call it, ensembled-officewear-gone-wrong!

So, yeaa... remember that post I was telling you when I was all nervous about the big event I was emceeing and I decided to wear my most comfortable top?? I did wear a comfy top, with the wrong pants ladies O_O

Yup! I only saw myself in this hideous look after everything was over, after the photos were uploaded in the company's fb. Hehehhehee LoL Hahhahaaa!! Ohh man! :))

The top looks big on me but it's not that big actually... It's the pose. Wrong pose!! (that's 2 fashion don'ts already..)


Those pants, aiya.. Was too nervous that morning I guess that's why I decided on wrong pair of pants. My head was thinking 'anything loose, the looser the better!!' . 

Don't do what I did ya? I'll keep this in mind too :)

I've something awesome for hanicomb happening tomorrow. Let's focus on that one and in the meantime, it's beading day!! Hehehheee.. 

Have a good weekend lovelies! :*

And thank you QBC for capturing this moment :)

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