Thursday, January 16, 2014

Utusan Borneo Featured Hanicomb

Utusan Borneo Horizon 15.1.2014

I couldn't ask for a better start for 2014!

Syukur alhamdulillah for an awesome write-up Utusan Borneo! Thanks so much :)

Some of you might missed this yesterday, but I'll find time to re-write the article here. It's like madness this week. With the CNY activities and all, I'm scrambling with time. I literally don't waste a single minute these days, no time to waste peeps.. no no..

I was actually surprised with this feature by Utusan Borneo yesterday, didn't think it was coming out that soon.

The interview was done last Sunday afternoon with journalists Patricia and Joanna of Borneo Post and Utusan Borneo ... I was told that another one is coming out this weekend. Just gonna wait and see. *crossing my fingers* ;)

Bib Necklaces
by hanicomb

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Anonymous said...

Congratz sis. Hope to your handmade expanding to worldwide. Good luck!

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