Thursday, January 2, 2014

How My New Year Begins

New Year's Day

I think I was the only mother in Malaysia with the idea school was starting next Monday, instead of, today. If sayang happened to be travelling today, my kids would've missed their 1st day of school this year. Yup!! I did not know, no idea at all school starts today!! *slaps forehead*

Last night, still in the car, at our car porch, just arrived home from 
jalan-jalan with kids ...

"So, who'll be driving the kids to school tomorrow Dek..?" Sayang asked me with 
a little chuckle. I honestly thought he was joking!

"Heyy sayang.. hahahaaaa... Kids start schooling Monday lah" I responded laughing thinking he was just pulling my leg. Yup, I was very very confident it wasn't today!

"Adek..! It's tomorrow. Kids start school TOMORROW."


I guess, I was still enjoying the free-from-chauffeuring-Im-so-free-at-lunch time of the year. Should pay more attention I'm telling myself now! Didn't get any notice or hint when Arman and I was at his school during registration day on 31st December though... No, no one told me, naaa...

Okay.. Okayyy! Cannot blame others laaa... aduhhh.
My own fault. My BaD. 

But I thought really really thought, school starts Monday, naturally
school starts Monday kannn? 

Maybe I've been having too much sushi lately... you think??
My brain been eaten by all the bacteria in raw salmon. 
Wohhh euuwwww :P   heeheheheee  LoL

Yeaa. Must be the sushi lunch on New Year's Day ;)

One shot to mark 2014, at the age of 40 and half years old :D
syukor alhamdulillah...

New Year's resolution: Be a better mother not to ever again forget
kids are supposed to go to school when they are supposed to.

Thank you  :D

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Anonymous said...

Ehee... hello 2014.
Kak, kamek mok follow instagram ktk kak... tok instagram kamek. @nazuramn

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