Thursday, January 16, 2014

glassesonline Style Advisor

Have you ever seen anyone looking so happy while stuck in a midday traffic jam?

Well now.. I've my sunscreen on, great company (my children are back from school), lunch is waiting, the sun's shining and got my best accessory with me, 
my trusted Ray-Ban!

Hani made us laughed and captured few shots of us three in the car,
and that long drive back home seemed like a breeze :D

I drive almost everyday of the week, and without my sunglasses, it'd be a complete nightmare driving in the sun. I'm pretty sure I'll have more wrinkles on my forehead sooner than I should if I didn't have my sunnies on! Ohh no no don't want that to happen now do we?? ;) heheheheheee...!

If you prefer other designs, you won't have to look any further, & 
super cool online shopping websites are your answer folks! They have all the 
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And thanks so much glassesonline for inviting me to be a
Style Advisor. I had a lot of fun! ;)

Don't forget to visit glassesonline facebook pages too peeps! =)

Hokayy... gotta get back to sewing now. Till next post, 
don't frown when you're driving lovelies. He's watching you ;)

Whatcha waiting for?? Go get clicking..! 


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