Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chew For Me Will Ya??

If my twin sis Ina saw me in this shirt she'll go ballistic!

Last couple weekend she 'caught' me in one of my favourite G2000 checkered shirt... 

"Why are you wearing that shirt??"

"Because I like it.. it's comfy. I like it!" ...I responded to my twin sis who's now showing how ugly we both would look when we're stressed out looking at eye-soring top frowning so hard she looked like she could eat you alive!!! Ohh mann.. that frown hahahhaaa :)) LoL

You're grinning now Ina !!! :D 

ngehh nghehhh ngehh :))))

Dear Ina, I wore this shabby denim shirt to my morning laksa, straight to work then to our little family dinner for Arman's birthday :P Yes, TO WORK!!

hehheheeee... too comfortable sis :D

* * *

I love this pic... while waiting for food to arrive I went over to watch the fish play. So relaxing. I was already so tired to even speak but this view was refreshing.

I think I heard one of the fishes said, "eeuwww.. look at that shirt she's wearing girls..."

And I just had to order the steak! Hehehheheee..

It's the Basaga so I ordered lah!!

... and I ordered, it arrived looking absolutely too good to eat.
You can't start to imagine how tired I was that day.
I wished someone would chew for me O_O
Seriously, I really needed help to chew.

'Adek, you're too much laa... Just eat'


That hurts husband. 

Okayy OkaYyy. It was worth a shot...

I'm drooling for another plate now... aiyaa...

Brief holiday comin'.. A weddng this Saturday.
No necklace to wear. A lot of orders to settle.
I can only say, alhamdulillah :)

Loving the weather in Kuching now, don't you agree ? :*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice shirt, sis! =)
Enjoy your holiday~

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