Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arman Is 10

pic was taken on 19.1.2014

My darling son Arman turned 10 this week :)


Semoga Arman menjadi anak yang soleh and berguna kepada agama, 
bangsa dan negara sayang, in shaa Allah.. 

'Happy B'Day Handsome'

Never in my life since having kids ever crossed my mind to have these kind of 
wordings on any of my children's cake. 

'Seri, simple wordings for the cake would be fine.. Happy Birthday Arman.. or , Happy 10th Birthday Arman also can. Remember that girl...' 

.... and off the two (Seri and Hani) went to the cake shop to order 
their little brother's birthday cake.

And see what happened?


Ah well... I loved the cake, Arman loved it the most!
That was what truly matters :) And it was delisshhhh!! :*

We cut the cake, had a simple dinner at a nice local restaurant the day before, 
and that was it. I think I saw a last piece in the fridge yesterday, hope it's still there... 

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