Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mad Mommy Hair

Finally a 'big someone' , a fashion icon came out on red carpet validating this look... pheewww...! I can totally relate to this look, the 'messy' no fuss mad-mommy look, love it!

But, this look only works when your hair is clean. That's my opinion lahh..


Homaigaddd..! Duchess Catherine is so beautiful :D

Thanks Kate! Always love your elegant classic simple style. When I first saw these photos, immediately I felt relief! Funny ya... how people look at things. This ugly hairstyle (a lot of women would agree with this statement) wouldn't be labelled as 'stylish' if seen on a mommy. She'd be labelled as 'busy-mommy' instead. With that said, I am the person who always wear this look! Alwaysss...!! Couldn't be bothered really. Hehehheeeee... so, imagine how happy I was when I saw this look on Kate's head! 

OH no! I'm not even saying I LOOK like her, hahahaaaa no no.. Just that this kind of hairstyle is always labelled as messy and so not put together. I believe it's gonna be one of the most sought after looks. Whyyyy?? Because it's worn by Kate, and it's ridiculously easy to style! ;)

I wore this look at my cousin's wedding last week, it was humid so I decided to tie my hair... And wearing my hanicomb 'yasmine' bib necklace to go with my outfits ;)

Oh yaa! Speaking of hanicomb, I've added a page on this blog. Simply click the 'Hanicomb' button above (next to 'Home' buttom) and browse away. Well, I came to know some people do not have facebook and instagram so, they can find hanicomb collections right here on Borneo Love.

I miss blogging. Will try to update more frequent ya.. Till next post, cheers!! :D

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aikkk....ada pusak interframe..

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