Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Favourite ME Tops

Must look nice for that trip to post office now ;)

This post is about the tops I'm wearing...

Need to apologize though for the photos which appear to be in uneven sizes,
very eyesore-ring... Kan? No?? I'm not sure how to rectify this.. 
so, please bear with me ya? :)

Ok! Back to our topic today.

I've a bit of extra time to blog after sewing/beading for 7 hours straight since 6am this morning, just decided to take this short break. Ohh no no there's no cuti cuti for me on this Christmas day. A lot of orders I really have to get done... phewww -_-'


You know, as one gets... older, she'll have to dress appropriately, with age. 

What I'll choose to wear have to be comfortable, simple, 'friendly' to eat in
and most important of all, I feel like 'me' in them. 

Love this white number... Notice the detail on the shoulders?
It's like faux leather, and suuuper yummy to wear. But I 
really had to watch myself when I ate.. I'm kind clumsy ;)

Perfect with hanicomb 'christie' bib necklace of course!
Any of these tops are great with jeans too :)

If they had this one in 10 other colours, I would have
purchased all of them! So so sooo comfortable with the most perfect cut!

Channeling the cat in me ... hheheheeee  'meeowwww..!' ;)

Aaahhhh... Hani said she likes this one very much :)
My daughters' opinions are very important to me

They always come up with the most classy and evergreen prints. Major LoVe!

They are my favourites to wear to work especially. And there's one thing in common about all these tops, they are all by The Executive. You can only find The Executive at Parkson right here in Kuching. 

I tried, to dress trendily, it's just not me. Naa-a'... No point trying to look 'IN' if all you're feeling is, 'OUT'. 

Can't be bothered really, I'm hearing people saying I look too plain and boring but, that's ok. AT THIS AGE, I'm just too busy with a lot of other more important things than to care what is said about my appearance. But it is bothering me if I'm hearing I look messy orrr.. chaotic! The hair ma'am!! It's in the hair, that I can rectify :D

Hokay, gotta get back to my chores now and I've got a big event to host tomorrow at work.. Errghh, oh man, tomorrow -______-

Emceeing a formal event is always nerve-wracking. 

Ohh yaa I kNoW! Wearing one of my favourite tops should do it!! Yeaayy!! Well ladies, you gotta look good, then you'll feel good. When you feel good, all be good. Kann ?? Kannn??

Kan..? -oh man-

wish me luck y'all   o_o

Love! :*


Sheila said...

Is that Aunty Abby?

Anonymous said...

Wow! You look stunning!!
Happy New Year to you and your family! :-)

Ida BorneoLove said...

yes Sheila, that is Kak Abby :)

thanks Azurachan, you're too kind!! happy new year :*

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