Friday, December 20, 2013

Keeping My Mouth Shut When He Helps :)

He'd be the most expensive worker to hire to do wrapping for hanicomb.
I managed to put my clothes on, dry my hair, enjoy coffee 
(while watching him do his ever so tedious wrapping)
and yet, he's still at it after 15 minutes, 
doing two boxes. 

Err well ya... I'm no diva in the morning. I can get ready within 20 minutes
plus showering and all. 

I got a bit stressed though, when he started 'ironing' the surface of the box with the edge of my scissors after lining it with a wide transparent tape, I thought to myself, "Ohh mann, this is going to take forever.." o_o

... and I was already running late. But I didn't want to be rude. No No! 

Was just about to blurt out  >>>>>> "Are you done already sayangggg..?" but, I decided I better kept my mouth shut. He just wanted the best for hanicomb. 

He just wants our presentation to be at its best :D

Thanks so much my love! 

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